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In my search to find safer products for my body I stumbled upon Beautycounter. I have completely fallen in love with the products and the mission of this company.  Beautycounter’s standards well exceed the current common standards of the United States. I also find the transparency of the ingredients to be so refreshing. No more looking up foreign words in my skin care. If you’re interested in hearing more about the products or reading about the mission of this company please contact me. I also have samples available at my office. To place an order go to or click the BeautyCounter logo to the right.


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Reflect Effect Exfoliation Duo

A premium exfoliation product provided by Beauty Counter

Beyond Gloss

A premium gloss product provided by Beauty Counter

All Bright Facial Oil

A premium face oil product provided by Beauty Counter

Softening Hand Wash and Lotion

A premium hand wash & lotion product provided by Beauty Counter

For more information about the featured products, go on the BeautyCounter website to learn more.