At HLS, we are having an in-store super sale on tons of supplements and products. You won’t want to miss this!

I want to highlight some of my favorite items on sale, these drink powders from Green Compass.

To start, we have the Energize Orange Zest Energy Powder. With a mineral and guayusa leaf extract blend, these powders have hemp-flower terpenes to give you that extra energy boost. The orange flavor is perfect for those who need a mid-day pick-me-up and don’t like coffee or highly caffeinated energy drinks. These little powders pack a lot of flavor, and with only 82g of caffeine it keeps you energized throughout the day!

Next up, the Mountain Berry Electrolyte drink powders are not only delicious, but packed with tons of vitamins and minerals. Perfect for those on the move this summer to stay hydrated. Whether you’re into long runs, hikes at a park, walking your dog around the neighborhood, or even just sitting outside, everyone needs to keep hydrated!

And last but not least, the Fresh Melon flavored Collagen drink powder. Collagen accounts for 30% of your body’s protein that supports skin, bones, muscles and connective tissues’ structure and strength. If you’ve noticed wrinkled skin, weakening muscles or muscle aches, stiffer tendons, joint pain, loss of mobility or gastrointestinal problems, then your collagen may be low. These collagen packs make incorporating the vital protein easy, and the fresh melon taste gives it a sweet summer flavor.

All of these items are exclusively on sale at the Holistic Living Solutions office, and you won’t want to miss this deal! A simple way to improve your holistic health, these drink powders are both delicious and beneficial.